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Estate Planning

Our mission is to help you lower or eliminate transfer and inheritance tax, seamlessly implement the proper documents, and plan to ensure more wealth is transferred to your loved ones.

Our Approach

  • Statistics show that 60-70% of Americans do not have a Will. The truth is everyone has an estate plan, and if you do not make your own, your assets will be distributed by a generic scheme devised by legislators where your heirs could lose a good portion to the IRS and the state.
  • Help you understand that state and federal inheritance tax rates are the highest in the entire tax code.
  • Show you how smart estate planning strategies using investments for growth, Roth IRAs, tax planning to lower taxes, can significantly increase the amount passed on to your loved ones.

At Mark G Spinelli, CPA CFP, we manage your confidential financial profile-taxes, investments, retirement, and estate-which allows you to visualize your whole financial picture and understand how wise decisions will let you keep more money, with a solid financial outlook to secure your families future.

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